Elbit Systems of America’s subsidiary Kollsman has been chosen by the US Marine Corps (USMC) for the Integrated Clip-on Advanced Targeting Sight (ICATS) solution. 

Kollsman’s solution is for multi-spectrum clip-on weapon night sight to carry out day and night operations at great distances. 

Selected under Phase II ICATS programme, the company will design and test two ICATS prototypes over the next year.  

The company’s ICATS solution will enable USMC scout snipers and reconnaissance marines in successfully completing their missions. 

The solution can be clipped onto marines to provide users with critical information even in low light or bad weather and also provide imaging at a greater range at the same time.

It builds on the company’s offering of other precision targeting capabilities to the US military, including Next Generation Hand-Held Targeting System and Multi-Domain User Sensor Architecture (MDUSA).  

Work on the ICATS will be carried out at Elbit Systems facility in Merbitack, New Hampshire. 

Elbit Systems of America Ground Combat and Precision Targeting VP Ridge Sower said: “This selection by the US Marine Corps shows the strong partnership we have with the marines, as well as our expertise creating technology that benefits warfighters in the field.

“With our ICATS solution, marines can successfully complete their missions no matter the conditions, while remaining as safe as possible.”

In October last year, Elbit Systems of America received an order to supply night vision systems and spare components to the USMC.