Elbit Systems Of America has collaborated with Textron Systems for the US Marine Corps’ (USMC) next phase of Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV) prototype.

The new ARV will replace the USMC’s existing in-service Light Armored Vehicle (LAV). It has been operational with the service since the 1980s.

Textron has proposed its Cottonmouth prototype ARV for the USMC LAV replacement competition.

Under the partnership, the companies will work together and with others on a solution for the USMC that provides capabilities that include improved situational understanding technologies.

In May last year, the USMC said it is working towards the next phase of its plans to replace the in-service LAV with a modern ARV.

The USMC has identified characteristics that should be included in the next phase of the new ARV.

Elbit Systems of America Ground Combat and Precision Targeting vice-president Ridge Sower said: “Elbit Systems of America is excited to be teamed with Textron Systems as a key partner for building the Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle for the United States Marine Corps.

“Our ARV concept will provide a key and critical capability to the USMC and include advanced technologies that will make it relevant both today and for decades to come.

“Our 360-degree multi-domain situational awareness suite will provide significant increases in the lethality and survivability of Marines.”

Elbit Systems of America’s IronVision 360° situational awareness vision suite is being offered for the Cottonmouth prototype ARV.

IronVision is designed to collect and present all video images centred around the ARV as one comprehensive and insightful view of the vehicles’ surroundings to the crew inside it.

Work on the LAV replacement is being coordinated by MCSC, Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Capabilities Development Directorate of Headquarters Marine Corps (CD&I).

Last month, Elbit Systems of America received a contract for the supply of squad binocular night vision goggle (SBNVG) systems to the USMC.