Elbit Systems, a global defence technology company, has concluded a series of sea trials for the DESEAVER MK-4 Counter Measure Dispensing System (CMDS) aboard Israeli Navy vessels.

The maritime Electronic Warfare (EW) system showcased its capability in countering complex missile attacks, solidifying its position as a component within Elbit Systems‘ Integrated Electronic Warfare Suite (IEWS).

In collaboration with Elbit Systems, the Israeli Navy has announced the conclusion of a series of sea trials for the DESEAVER MK-4 CMDS, which has been integrated into Israeli Navy vessels.

These trials evaluated the DESEAVER MK-4’s ability to effectively counter complex missile attack scenarios, including deploying decoy rounds from multiple launchers against simultaneous threats. The system is part of Elbit Systems’ Integrated Electronic Warfare Suite (IEWS), and its performance underlined its soft-kill anti-missile defence capabilities.

As the fourth generation of EW dispensing systems, the DESEAVER MK-4 system represents an advancement in maritime Electronic Warfare. It brings various soft-kill anti-missile defence capabilities to the fore, reinforcing the Israeli Navy’s defences against evolving threats. Moreover, the technology’s implementation emphasises its reliability and advanced protection features.

The DESEAVER MK-4 system hosts a multi-directional perimeter protection mechanism, handling concurrent missile threats from varying angles. The system’s agility is derived from its trainable and stabilised launchers, enabling accurate deployment of algorithm-selected decoys. Passive and active decoys work in tandem to mislead incoming threats effectively.

Notably, the DESEAVER MK-4 system is integrated with existing ship combat systems, a feature that has also been a hallmark of its predecessors. This integration ensures a cohesive defence strategy, enhancing the overall protection capabilities of naval assets.

Oren Sabag, General Manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR & EW, expressed pride in the company’s ongoing collaboration with the Israeli Navy. “We are proud of our ongoing cooperation with and support of the Israeli Navy. The successful completion of these trials provides further proof of the reliability of our technology and the advanced protection capabilities they provide against new and evolving threats.”

With its successful completion of sea trials, the DESEAVER MK-4 system has not only elevated the Israeli Navy’s defence capabilities but also paved the way for potential adoption by international naval forces seeking advanced maritime Electronic Warfare solutions.

Elbit Systems reported an increase of 17% in revenue in their ISTAR and EW business segment, to $294.7m (NIS1bn) in the first quarter of 2023 from $251.5m in the first quarter of 2022, mainly due to Electronic Warfare systems sales.