France-based shipbuilding company Naval Group has revealed that the Egyptian Navy’s third Gowind-class corvette has successfully completed the first sea trials.

The completion of sea trials for the third vessel, known as ENS El Moez (981), is a milestone achievement and showcases strong cooperation between France and Egypt.

In 2014, Naval Group, previously known as DCNS, was awarded contract to develop four Gowind-class corvettes for the Egyptian Navy.

The vessels are being built locally Egyptian firm Alexandria Shipyard in collaboration with Naval Group.

In a tweet, Naval Group said: “The 3rd Gowind corvette built in Egypt by Alexandria @CompanyShipyard successfully completed her first sea trials! This new milestone demonstrates once more the success of the transfer of technology & production and our strong industrial cooperation.”

The company delivered the first frigate, ENS Elfateh, to the Egyptian Navy in 2017.

The Gowind-class corvettes are multi-mission platforms designed to carry out various operations including surface and sub-surface warfare, surveillance, protection and escort missions.

Besides, the vessels can be deployed to conduct maritime policing missions against trafficking and piracy.

According to Alexandria Shipyard, the Egyptian Gowind-class corvettes are 102m-long, 16m-wide and have a displacement of 2,400t.

The vessels can operate at a maximum speed of 25 knots and accommodate up to 65 crew members aboard. The vessels can also embark helicopter and drones.

All the Gowind-class vessels are equipped with the Naval Group’s SETIS combat management system, allowing the surface ships to perform high-intensity naval operations.

Additionally, the vessels are fitted with company’s panoramic sensors and intelligence module (PS1M).