EDGE, the advanced technology conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates, has signed a joint development agreement with the Brazilian Navy to explore co-creation and business opportunities for developing long-range anti-ship and supersonic missiles.

The partnership between EDGE and the Brazilian Navy will lay the groundwork for the co-development of these missiles for the UAE and Brazilian markets.

Leveraging the Brazilian Navy’s existing portfolio of missiles and its fleet for testing purposes, EDGE will contribute its smart weapons and electronic warfare technology to develop high-performance, low-cost missiles that meet global demand. The company recently announced the opening of a regional office in Brasilia to strengthen its presence in Latin America.

James Marques, an aerospace, defence, and security analyst at GlobalData, provided his views on Brazil’s missile capabilities: “Their primary anti-ship missile system is the French Exocet. They have them available in surface ship-launched, submarine-launched, and air-launched variants. These are subsonic weapons with varying but overall, quite short-range, usually within about 50 nautical miles.”

According to Vice Admiral Marco Antonio Ismael Trovão de Oliveira, signing the agreement with EDGE marks the beginning of a long-term partnership with a global technology leader that will expand the range of capabilities for Brazilian and allied forces to achieve their missions.

Oliveira expressed confidence that the Brazilian Navy’s anti-ship missile expertise will complement EDGE’s technologies and capabilities, enabling them to share knowledge and co-operatively develop state-of-the-art solutions for the global market.

GlobalData’s report on “The Global Undersea Warfare Systems Market 2018–2028” claims that Brazil is the top defence spender in Latin America. It is making substantial gains in the undersea warfare market by significantly investing in its national security scheme.

Source: GlobalData Intelligence

Mansour Almulla, Managing Director and CEO of EDGE Group, share Oliveira’s optimism about the partnership’s potential, saying that EDGE’s extensive design, technological development, and integration expertise will complement the Brazilian Navy’s IP-owned solutions.

Almulla believes that this strategic collaboration will enable EDGE to develop advanced long-range anti-ship and supersonic missiles that exceed current performance, at an accelerated rate and at low cost.

Forging strategic alliances with global players is a crucial pillar of EDGE’s strategy, which aims to bolster the conglomerate’s sovereign capabilities and increase the export potential of its products and solutions in line with the UAE Leadership’s directive.

This month, EDGE and Brazilian company SAVITT signed a MoU to explore co-operation in smart weapons.