ECA Group has been awarded a contract to deliver steering and diving console (SNDC) for the Republic of Korea Navy’s (ROKN) submarine programme.

This is the fifth consecutive time that the group has won a contract to supply additional consoles for the ROKN.

According to the ROKN, ECA’s SNDC meets all the operational requirements for being equipped onto its submarines.

The assembling and maintenance of the consoles is being carried out via transfer of technology at South Korean company KTE.

ECA is providing training to the local operators in using and maintaining the steering console.

The steering and diving console is capable of performing a wide variety of long and challenging missions as well as in the restricted surroundings, where Navy requires the help of advanced and secure equipment.

Its modular, compact and adaptable design allows it to fit anywhere, even in confined areas.

The console also offers high precision and efficiency as it allows the operator to manage the 3D motion of the submarine as well as controls diving planes and the rudder.

ECA Group has made the consoles user friendly and performant along with a numerical autopilot mode. The autopilot mode has various controls such as manual, automatic and mixed modes.

Additional functions to facilitate increased user performance include decision support tool and Onboard Training Simulator (OBTS).

ECA Group’s consoles are already being used by several navies for their submarines including French, Chilean, Malaysian and Indian navies.