South Korean shipbuilder Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) has reportedly been awarded a contract to build three Nagapasa Type 209/1400 diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) for the Indonesian Navy.

The $1bn contract was awarded by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence following months of negotiations between the two parties, reported Jane’s.

In 2011, DSME secured an order involving the delivery of three similar Nagapasa-class submarines, with two of these having been commissioned by the Indonesian Navy.

Industry sources told the publication that Indonesian shipbuilder PT PAL will support DSME with construction of the vessels.

"The Naval Group teams in both Australia and France will deliver a sovereign, regionally superior submarine capability to Australia."

For the first submarine, two of the SSK’s six modules will be built at the Indonesian city of Surabaya by PT PAL, while the remaining four will be constructed by DSME in South Korean facility at Okpo.

Once complete, the modules will be assembled at Okpo with PT PAL-built modules to be shipped to South Korea.

For the second vessel, PT PAL will be responsible for building four of the six modules, while DSME will develop the remaining two in Okpo. The final assembly for the vessel will also be carried out at South Korea.

Recently, Indonesia launched the third Nagapasa submarine, to be christened KRI Alugoro (405) when commissioned.

Powered by four MTU 12V 493 diesel generators, the Nagapasa-class has an overall length of 61.2m, an overall beam of 6.25m and a hull draught of 5.5m.

The vessel can travel at a top speed of 21.5k underwater and 11k when surfaced.