Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has delivered a methanol steam reforming system for submarine fuel cells.

Delivered to South Korea’s Agency for Defense Development (ADD), the plant has been installed at the ‘Eco-friendly Fuel Land-Based Test Site (LBTS)’.

The land-based test facility is situated within the Siheung R&D Campus in Seoul, South Korea.

More than ten officials from major research institutions attended the delivery ceremony.

The newly installed system uses methanol and water to produce high-purity hydrogen.

DSME noted that delivery of the plant is part of a research project conducted by the National Research Institute of Korea – Proof of technology in fuel reforming and hydrogen fields.

According to the Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy and other associated organisations, this research will increase the operational performance of South Korean submarines.

The delivery follows a successful performance test that met the requirements requested by the ADD.

DSME claims that the fuel reforming method using methanol has high storage efficiency and enhances the capability of the submersible operation.

Furthermore, it does not require any need for a separate facility or equipment for recharging and the charging time is also short.

DSME research institute director executive vice-president Choi Dong-gyu said: “The company has proven its world-class technological competitiveness in this field by carrying out this research project.”