DAMEN Shipyards Cape Town (DSCT) has secured a new order for the delivery of three inshore patrol vessels (IPVs), which are to be supplied as part of the South African Navy’s Project Biro.

The contract was awarded by the South African Department of Defence’s acquisition agency, Armscor.

It is intended to enhance South Africa’s maritime security capability, allowing the country to respond effectively and cost-efficiently to a variety of threats such as illegal trafficking and fishing.

The 62m-long, 11m-wide vessels are slated to be the first ships constructed based on the Damen Sea Axe design to enter service with the South African Navy.

"The 62m-long, 11m-wide vessels are slated to be the first ships constructed based on the Damen Sea Axe design to enter service with the South African Navy."

Damen’s Sea Axe is an advanced hull design that has been developed to offer improved seakeeping behaviour.

The vessel’s straight-edged, axe-shaped bow will enable it to cut through the water more effectively, which will minimise slamming to ensure enhanced safety and comfort on-board, while significantly reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The navy’s Project Biro seeks to boost maritime security and enable treats to be tackled more efficiently.

DSCT is expected to source large number of components and services from South Africa-based suppliers in order to successfully carry out the Biro project.

In addition, the company plans to support the government’s Enterprise Supplier Development programme to improve the presence of small and micro-businesses across the country.

Project Biro will actively contribute to the Department of Trade & Industry’s National Industrial Participation (NIP) programme and the defence-focused Defence Industrial Participation (DIP) initiative.

The project is also expected to boost the government’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) development.

DSCT previously received an order to deliver vessels to the South African Navy in support of Project Canter four years ago.