The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Prototype Resilient Operations Testbed for Expeditionary Urban Scenarios (PROTEUS) has completed testing with the marines.

The five-day experimentation was carried out this spring with marines from 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

DARPA Strategic Technology Office PROTEUS programme manager John Paschkewitz said: “Using the PROTEUS software, marines were able to visualise and manipulate their electromagnetic footprint, apply logistics support automation, and obtain quantitative analytics on the effectiveness of force packages and tactics in real time.

“PROTEUS brings the power of multi-domain force package and CONOPS (concept of operations) development to the platoon, company, and battalion.

“In terms of thinking about the future fight, where you have to be sensitive to your electromagnetic emissions or seek to employ unmanned assets in effective ways, PROTEUS is a powerful tool.”

With the completion of testing, DARPA has transferred PROTEUS to the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) in Quantico, Virginia.

Launched in 2017, PROTEUS includes a set of visual software training and experimentation tools.

These tools allow squad to battalion level Marines to explore and develop new multidomain fighting concepts, integrate ‘emerging capabilities’ and use them in ‘realistic expeditionary combat scenarios’.

PROTEUS has three core components ULTRA, COMPOSER and Parametric Data Service (PDS).

ULTRA is a virtual test environment that serves as a tactical multidomain operations military sandbox for experimentation and analysis.

COMPOSER is a dynamic composition engine called that includes EMSO and logistics wizards that automate equipment loadout and plan real time development.

PDS ensures that the models, maps, and other elements of ULTRA and the COMPOSER wizards are ‘authoritative’.

The MCWL Experiment Division and DARPA’s PROTEUS team worked with the marines to ‘explore and assess’ future infantry battalion task organisations, force packages, and tactics.

PROTEUS provided ‘unique insights’ in support of the US Marine Corps’ (USMC) Force Design 2030.