Damen Shipyards Den Helder has received a contract to perform maintenance and modernisation of the Royal Netherlands Navy vessels.

The contract with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence covers midlife upkeep (MLU) for support ship HNLMS Pelikaan, and hydrographic survey vessels HNLMS Snellius and HNLMS Luymes.

The proposed maintenance and upgrade will include equipping vessels with new hull plating, renewal of radars and communications equipment and maintenance of the ship’s systems.

In addition, the company will deliver regular maintenance.

Damen Shipyards Den Helder managing director Jelle Loosman said: “We are very proud to accept this new contract together with our subcontractors, and are confident that the ships will be delivered in time, within budget and with the high-quality that is known worldwide as the Damen trademark.”

The company will receive support from 30 Dutch suppliers and sub-contractors during the project delivery.

Work on the project is set to start later this year, with completion expected in 2021.

Damen will perform work at Den Helder and Shiprepair Harlingen.

HNLMS Snellius and HNLMS Luymes are used to chart the seabed. Information is then processed by the hydrographic service to produce nautical charts and other navigational publications.

As part of the contract work, Damen will replace all the underwater sensors on these vessels.

The Royal Netherlands Navy’s HNLMS Pelikaan provides logistic support services in the Caribbean.

The ship was commissioned in 2006, provides transportation and emergency assistance.

In March this year, Damen Den Helder won a contract to build a prototype Expeditionary Survey Boat (ESB) for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

The ESB will be used to conduct rapid environmental assessments and hydrographic surveys.