CONTROP Precision Technologies has secured a contract to supply a significant number of maritime electro-optical / infrared (EO / IR) payloads to the Vietnamese Navy.

The latest contract is a follow-on to a previous order placed three years ago.

Under the deal, the company will deliver its iSea-40HD maritime EO / IR payload to be used by the navy for safety and surveillance.

Delivery of the payloads is scheduled to begin next year.

Controp Precision Technologies marketing and sales vice-president Hagay Azani said: “We are pleased that the Vietnamese Navy once again selected us to supply the marine payloads as a follow-on order, a testament to their high level of satisfaction.”

Weighing 29kg, Controp’s iSea-40HD system features a thermal camera with continuous optical zoom, a full HD day camera, four gimbals for high stabilisation, and an optional laser pointer and rangefinder.

“Weighing 29kg, Controp’s iSea-40HD system features a thermal camera with continuous optical zoom.”

The iSea family of maritime EO / IR payloads comprises a wide variety of payloads in different sizes, ranging from 240mm, 10.7kg iSea-20HD system to the 354mm, 29kg iSea-50HD system.

The EO / IR payloads can be used for a wide range of maritime missions and applications, and are deployed several coastguard and naval surveillance / observation application worldwide.

The entire range of the Controp iSea day / night camera payloads has an interface to NMEA0183 radars for turning the EO / IR camera to the detected target.

Owing to its flexible configuration, the iSea EO / IR camera payloads can be installed on several maritime vessels, making it suitable for most requirements.

The system is operated by a ruggedised control unit (CU) with a thumb LOS control stick. All control switches are particularly designed to be suitable for rough environmental conditions.