The US Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Carderock Division has selected Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 underwater vehicle tracking system for use at its South Florida Ocean Measurement Facility (SFOMF).

Located in Maryland, US, Carderock’s South Florida facility offers a demanding open ocean test environment for subsea systems and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) currently under development for the US Navy, as well as the wider maritime industry.

Under the deal, Sonardyne will deliver its advanced Ranger 2 ultra short baseline (USBL) acoustic tracking system, along with a GyroUSBL transceiver, nano and wideband sub-mini 6 plus (WSM 6+) transponders.

The Ranger 2 system, which is mobilised on board vessels-of-opportunity, will enable NSWC operators to accurately track the underwater location of any subsea system or UUV that comes through the SFOMF for testing.

The Sonardyne technology provides operators with the capability to track systems in both shallow and deep water, near the surface and over very long ranges.

Sonardyne technical sales manager Dan Zatezalo said: “Our Ranger 2 GyroUSBL is a survey grade acoustic positioning system with built-in attitude and heading sensors, which makes moving it from vessel to vessel easy, with no new calibration required.

“Used alongside Nano, our smallest ever rechargeable acoustic transponder, and WSM 6+ transponders, which both support our secure Wideband 2 signal protocols, the NSWC has a high-performance and time-saving system for its operations at Maryland.”

With the acquisition of Nano and WSM 6+ transponders, the US Navy will be able to locate all sizes of vehicles, ranging from man-portable models to extra-large UUV designs.