Checkmarx has received a contract from the US Navy’s Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC PAC) to expedite the development of software applications.

NIWC PAC selected Checkmarx on the basis of its ability to fully support a DevSecOps philosophy.

The company’s solution can swiftly scan software source code from its inception phase to deployment.

Checkmarx will help fast-track the deployment of naval applications in 24 hours.

The firm will use its software composition analysis (CxOSA) and static application security testing (CxSAST) solutions to deliver improved software security during the continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

The Checkmarx solution will allow navy developers and contractors to identify, triage and remediate security vulnerabilities in software applications.

In order to address time delays that affect the deployment of a new defence application, the US Navy mandated adoption of the Compile to Combat in 24 Hours (C2C24) programme.

The integration of Checkmarx into C2C24 will enhance software security within the programme.

Checkmarx US Federal vice-president Rich Wajsgras said: “The stark reality is that it takes an adversary less than 24 hours to weaponise an exploit that targets a newly discovered vulnerability in a deployed application.

“In order to properly combat against these evolving threats, speed, along with accuracy and security, is critical when developing government software applications.

“We’re proud to be working closely with NIWC PAC and integrating into its already impactful C2C24 programme. Together, we’ll pave the way to faster, more-secure application development while influencing the entire US Government sector.”