South Korean defence company Hanwha Systems has selected Cambridge Pixel for its advanced integrated radar processing and display software SPx.

Cambridge Pixel’s radar acquisition, display, recording software, and interface hardware will be installed onboard the Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy’s fleet of Chamsuri II-class patrol boats and FFX-II frigates, an improved variant of Incheon-class (FFX-I) frigates.

The patrol boats are a smaller class of South Korean Navy patrol boats and will replace the old Chamsuri vessels built for the navy in the 1970s.

The move comes as Hanwha Systems’ engineers were looking for advanced SPx radar technology for the development of FFX-B2, the company’s latest multi-function display console.

Cambridge Pixel CEO David Johnson said: “We have been working with Hanwha now for nearly ten years and they regard our engineers as an extension to their own development team.

“Our aim is to give partners such as Hanwha flexibility and control over the project by supplying our hardware-agnostic C++ software modules from our SPx library for integration with their own systems.”

The company’s software modules could be built into Hanwha Systems’ own application code and will enable its development team to deliver a native solution to the Korean Navy.

Cambridge Pixel will supply radar interfacing and distribution capability to Hanwha Systems for various radar types.

The company will also provide software for radar scan-conversion, network distribution, as well as multi-channel radar recording.

Hanwha Systems will be able to lower the development time for its new console by using Cambridge Pixel’s off-the-shelf SPx radar components.

The software modules will also deliver all the functionality needed for the programme.

Flexible, ready-to-run software products will be delivered by the SPx suite of software libraries and applications for radar scan conversion, visualisation, radar video distribution, target tracking, sensor fusion, plot extraction and clutter processing.

In July 2018, Cambridge Pixel supplied its radar acquisition and display technology to Lockheed Martin Canada for integration into the latter’s new naval Combat Management System (CMS) 330.