The British Royal Navy ’s Trafalgar-class attack submarine, HMS Talent, has conducted trials of the upgraded version of Spearfish torpedo off the west coast of Scotland.

The three-day trial was conducted near the Isle of Skye to procure important data and support the final stages of the upgraded torpedo’s development before it enters service.

During the trial, HMS Talent fired four Spearfish torpedoes, the first of which was launched at a targeted vessel. The remaining three were pitched against the submarine itself to assess the risks of the vessel torpedoing itself.

The torpedoes were subsequently recovered to study the data and determine the next course of programme as the torpedo moves towards Initial Operating Capability.

HMS Talent commanding officer commander Paul Jamieson said: “Talent has been the host platform on two occasions for this trial and my team are proud to have had a role in this important programme.

“The Spearfish upgrade will ensure the submarine service continues to possess a very credible weapon system, capable of dealing with potential future threats.”

The Royal Navy has been using Spearfish as the heavyweight torpedo for nearly 30 years. The torpedo is capable of breaking the back of frigates, destroyers and destroy other underwater threats.

The improved version is equipped with a new warhead, new fuel system, advanced electronic components and a fibre-optic guidance link with its parent submarine to improve accuracy and lethality.

The British naval forces aims to equip all front-line Royal Navy submarines with the operational version by 2025.

Last month, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced an investment of £230m ($315m) for the maintenance of Royal Navy’s Spearfish and Sting Ray torpedoes.