Swedish aerospace and defence company Saab has secured a contract to provide a Digital Tower solution for the UK Navy.

The solution will be deployed at the Royal Navy’s Air Station Culdrose’s satellite airfield at Predannack in the UK. It will be delivered this year.

Royal Navy commander Mick Gladwin said: “This is an important step in the Royal Navy’s continued development and exploitation of remote system technology to enhance the way air traffic services are delivered, improving controller efficiency and providing a safe operating environment for air systems.”

With the contract, the British Navy has become the fourth UK customer to select Saab’s Digital Towers under a framework contract.

It has also been selected by London City Airport, Cranfield University, and the Royal Air Force.

Cranfield Airport is currently operating Saab’s system in the UK. London City will also operate the Saab digital solution later this year.

Saab’s Digital Tower technology enables air traffic services to be conducted remotely.

The digital air traffic control solution will also improve the situational awareness of the controllers, through video, automatic tracking, graphic overlays, as well as improved safety tools.

Saab UK chairman Magnus Lewis-Olsson said: “Saab’s leading air traffic management technologies have a beneficial role to play for both British civilian and military customers.

“The Royal Navy’s adoption of digital towers is an example of how the British Armed Forces embrace innovative solutions and Saab is delighted to support their forward-looking vision.”

The digital solution was introduced in Sweden in 2015.