The British Royal Navy’s snipers from 3 Commando Brigade have conducted annual snipers training at Dartmoor.

The training involved sharing tactics, techniques, procedures, and the discussion of updates on kit, equipment, and weapons.

Under the exercise, the snipers also completed advanced training using diverse available weapons to shoot different size targets at different distances.

The training primarily focused on the use of a pistol, SA80, and .338.

Personnel with most crack shots are awarded the Hutton Trophy, named in honour of Royal Marines sniper Marine Jamie Hutton.

Royal Navy 42 Commando Sniper Troop commanding officer said: “The Brigade Sniper Concentration is essential in bringing together knowledge and understanding from across the scout sniper specialisation so that we can develop sniping in line with the rapid developments associated with Future Commando Force across the wider corps.

“As a force multiplier, the role of the sniper has never been more relevant, which is why it is so important that we raise our standards of marksmanship and skills through competition at the concentration.”

Expert commandos have undergone a 13-week sniper course at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines.

Snipers from 42 Commando are currently on-board the Royal Navy ships.

The maritime snipers are trained to shoot from Wildcat helicopters.

Sharpshooters from allied nations were expected to join the annual event but were unable to due to coronavirus (Covid-19).

The live shoots used the L129A1 Sharpshooter, SA80, L115A3 .338, and Glock 17.

Currently, the Royal Marines are undertaking a bold modernisation project called the Future Commando Force programme.