Boeing has been awarded a contract to train the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) aircrew to safely operate and maintain P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.

The $109m foreign military sales (FMS) contract was awarded by the US Navy.

The contract will allow the RNZAF to perform 70% of the entire P-8A associated training in a ‘simulated environment’.

Boeing’s work scope under the contract includes an operational flight trainer (OFT), a weapons tactics trainer that can be coupled with the OFT, a virtual maintenance trainer, a scenario generation station, and a brief / debrief station.

Boeing International Defense Training director Tonya Noble said: “This holistic training system will enable aircrew to safely train for all aspects of flying and maintaining the P-8A Poseidon.

“We look forward to bringing these training capabilities in-country and working alongside the RNZAF to ensure readiness of aircrew and maintenance personnel.”

The company will also provide training to an initial cadre of RNZAF instructors.

This allows the initial group of RNZAF instructors to continue training additional RNZAF P-8A instructors and aircrews following the training system’s delivery in 2024.

Furthermore, the company’s ‘electronic classroom’ will give access to courseware and testing capabilities for the RNZAF instructors and students.

Boeing noted that all training will take place in Ohakea, New Zealand.

In March, the US Navy awarded Boeing a $1.5bn production contract. It included the delivery of eight aircraft for the US Navy, six aircraft for the South Korean Navy and four aircraft for the RNZAF.

In May, Boeing delivered the US Navy’s 100th P-8A Poseidon aircraft.