BMT has received a contract to carry out industry studies to improve the design of the US Navy Auxiliary General Ocean Surveillance Ship (T-AGOS(X)).

The studies focus on enhancing producibility and affordability of the product for the customer by addressing technical solutions and designing trade-offs. It will also comprise technical evaluations of the evolving ship design of the navy.

BMT will be the prime contractor, in partnership with Philly Shipyard.

With the end of the service life of the existing T-AGOS ships, the contract is a major step in the recapitalisation of the ocean surveillance capabilities of the US Navy.

The T-AGOS capabilities focus on the collection and processing of underwater acoustic data necessary for submarine tracking.

A small waterplane area twin-hull (SWATH) has high stability at low-speed and in difficult weather conditions.

The product portfolio of BMT includes different SWATH and semi-SWATH hull forms, such as the US Navy’s SEA FIGHTER (FSF-1)

The FSF-1 was used to test advanced ship design and innovation.

The BMT ModCat semi-SWATH hull form is also used in ocean ferries and offshore wind farm support vessels (WFSV).

BMT US defence business president Kai Skvarla said: “This vessel class and the operational capability it contains form an important element of our nation’s maritime strategy.

“The project is an exciting engineering and design opportunity that will be rewarding for the BMT design team.”

After the industry studies are carried out, a separate T-AGOS(X) Lead ship Detail Design and Construction (DD&C) contract award is expected to be rolled out in 2022.

The ship is scheduled to be delivered in 2025.