BMT has collaborated with Boeing Defence Australia for the Australian Department of Defence’s (DoD) Project SEA1442 Phase 5.

The project aims to modernise and upgrade maritime communications system for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

Under the project programme, the DoD seeks to provide a secure communication capability to the warfighter that will fulfil the demands of existing and future information exchange.

The capability is also required to ensure interoperability between fleet units.

The Boeing-BMT team will work together to develop and offer an integrated, interoperable and resilient system that will enhance the RAN’s wireless information exchange capability.

This will be a locally designed and manufactured solution that will comprise of over 90% of Australian system and equipment to support and uplift the local suppliers.

Besides, the flexible, advanced and evolving technology will combine expertise and experience from both the companies to serve the requirements of the RAN.

The collaborative effort will see BMT work as the maritime engineering partner, while Boeing will be the prime systems integrator.

BMT will offer its experience in maritime engineering and Boeing will provide its expertise in developing complex communication systems.

Furthermore, Boeing will also put forward its design and network expertise, which is already operationally proven across different multi-domain environments.

Boeing Defence Australia vice-president and managing director Scott Carpendale said: “Our collaborative partnership offers a seaworthy, sovereign communications system that will enable Navy to fight and win at sea.

“Our solution creates opportunity for Navy to become part of a fully-integrated Australian Defence Force-wide system, with access to coalition interoperability.

“The combination of Boeing’s fielded technology, collaborative development approach and BMT’s maritime design expertise, technical assurance and extensive knowledge of RAN platforms will ensure the rapid delivery of this combat-ready communications capability.”