Bluescape and the US Department of Defense (DOD) have announced a partnership to enable the latter access to the company’s collaboration technology.

Bluescape has entered a level 4 (IL4) authority to operate (ATO), which will see all uniformed and civilian personnel of the DOD gaining access to the former’s technology.

The partnership between Bluescape and the DOD is the Naval Systems Engineering Resource Center’s (NSERC) effort to bring new commercial technology to the DOD.

This will help the DOD to meet its unique missions and requirements.

Bluescape CEO Peter Jackson said: “In today’s new working world, we at Bluescape recognise the mission-critical need for secure environments that provide collaboration in real-time.

“Through this ATO, we’re humbled to help pioneer the next phase of digitisation within the DOD and are thrilled our software will play an integral role in accelerating innovation within the defense ecosystem.”

With the addition of Bluescape to NSERC’s IT environment, the DOD will be able to save time and money by consolidating technology procurements.

Additionally, the capabilities would be made available to all DOD personnel with a Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) NSERC account.

NSERC NAVSEA programme manager Bob Simmons said: “As the DOD continues to modernise, we are excited to have received an ATO for the new NSERC environment, which includes Cloud applications that can be built and deployed across the entire DOD.

“NSERC provides mission partners with secure cloud services that support the warfighter mission, and users can continue to drive faster decisions, no matter where they are located.”

Bluescape’s capabilities address the diverse needs of the DOD and demonstrate the potential of collaboration across its personnel.

The company’s digital platform creates ‘digital war rooms’ within the department through secure information sharing, seamless video conferencing, live whiteboarding, among others.

It also integrates global teams and creates common operating strategies for efficiency as well as real-time decision-making.