The Government of Belgium has requested a foreign military sale (FMS) of 29 All Up Round MK 54 lightweight torpedoes (LWT) Mod 0 from the US.

The FMS has been approved by the US State Department and Congress has been notified by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

Under the $33.3m possible sale, Belgium will also receive two Fleet Exercise Section conversion kits, torpedo support equipment, and training and publications. Technical services, along with logistics and programme support, will also be provided.

Once delivered, the Belgian Navy is expected to replace MK 46 torpedoes with MK 54 LWT.

The LWT are designed to provide forces with the capability to engage submarines from NH-90 helicopters and the new generation of Multi-Mission Frigates.

Separately, the Government of Germany has requested an FMS of 64 MK 54 All Up Round LWT, ten MK 54 conversion kits, and associated equipment from the US.

Under the $130m estimated sale, Germany is also seeking the delivery of torpedo containers, Recoverable Exercise Torpedoes (REXTORP) with containers, Fleet Exercise Section (FES), and fuel tanks to be used with MK 54 conversion kits.

The MK 54 LWT is expected to upgrade the country’s Anti-Submarine Warfare capabilities on Germany’s P-3C aircraft against current and future threats.

The two possible sales are intended to support national security and improve the political and economic stability in Europe.

Raytheon Integrated Defense System will be the principal contractor of the two sale programmes.