Battelle has received a five-year, $50m task order to continue supporting the US Marine Corps’ (USMC) corrosion prevention and control (CPAC) programme.

The CPAC programme involves assessing, repairing, protecting and preserving USMC’s tactical vehicles and pieces of ground support equipment to ensure combat readiness and help extend service-life.

This contract extension will enable the continuation of work provided by Battelle under the CPAC programme during the past five years.

Battelle national security business unit programme manager Vinay Gadkari said: “Battelle’s holistic approach to CPAC ensures routine mission requirements are met and allows our client to focus on addressing the longer-term program requirements.”

As an integrator for different elements of the programme, Battelle is responsible for providing programmatic support and subject matter assistance on a range of technical issues.

The contract delivery team performed a series of actions, including assessing new coatings and corrosion prevention compounds, and reviewing repair processes.

In addition, the team has created systems to enable effective preservation of equipment, and identify areas where investments could be made in the future to further improve the CPAC programme.

The company also handles the management of teams of subcontractors who undertake corrosion assessments and repairs at USMC locations worldwide.

The CPAC programme was designed to address the loss of readiness through corrosion of tactical ground and ground support equipment.

Corrosion significantly affects the operational and structural capabilities of military equipment.

The purpose of CPAC is to identify and develop corrosion prevention and control products, materials, technologies, as well as processes to extend equipment usage life and reduce maintenance costs.