US government agency Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) has awarded a contract to BAE Systems to develop tools for data security.

Under the contract, worth $14m, BAE will be responsible for developing advance machine learning, artificial intelligence technology and traditional digital signal processing techniques (DSP).

The contract is part of the Securing Compartmented Information with Smart Radio Systems (SCISRS) programme.

The programme seeks to assure data security with the development of smart radio techniques that can detect and identify suspicious signals and other radio frequency (RF) anomalies automatically.

This will enhance the abilities of Intelligence Community (IC) and the US Department of Defense (DoD) in protecting information and data in secure facilities, as well as in unsecured and uncontrolled environments.

BAE Systems FAST Labs research and development organisation chief scientist Scott Kuzdeba said: “In uncontrolled environments, secure communications can be jeopardised by RF signals that are almost impossible to manually find and identify in real-time.

“Our technology will identify RF signals in increasingly crowded electromagnetic spectrum environments, providing commercial or military users with greater automated situational awareness of their operating environment.”

The programme will see BAE Systems make use of its autonomy portfolio. In addition, the company will also leverage its experience gained from its work on DARPA’s Radio Frequency Machine Learning System (RFMLS) programme.

Subcontractors under the programme include PFP Cybersecurity, Intelligent Automation, Signal Processing Technologies, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.