BAE Systems has secured a contract to provide multiple production-ready test vehicles (PRTVs) under the US Marine Corps’ (USMC) amphibious combat vehicle (ACV) programme.

The $88m contract will see the production of ACV-30 PRTVs, which is one of the four variants in the ACV family of vehicles. 

BAE Systems is already under contract to produce a command variant (ACV-C), a personnel variant (ACV-P) and a recovery variant (ACV-R) for the USMC.

Under the latest contract, the USMC has also provided task instructions to the company for completing a study to integrate command, control, communication, and computers/uncrewed aerial systems (C4/UAS) mission payload into an ACV variant.

The associated production and support work is being carried out at BAE Systems’ facilities in Stafford, Virginia; San Jose, California; Sterling Heights, Michigan; Aiken, South Carolina; and York, Pennsylvania.

Prior to authorisation and receipt of a full-rate production decision, the company will perform a series of post-delivery tests on the vehicles.

BAE Systems amphibious programmes vice-president John Swift said: “We are committed to equipping USMC with the best technology available to provide them with a decisive edge.

“We have carefully chosen proven industry partners who are equally committed to ensuring Marines have capabilities to dominate on the battlefield.”

The ACV-30 vehicle will mount a 30mm remotely controlled and operated weapons system, known as the RT-20, designed to improve crew protection capabilities.

Manufactured by Kongsberg, the RT-20 is a stabilised, medium calibre remote turret system (RTS) that eliminates space requirements of conventional lethality systems and provides more space to transport mission-critical equipment and troops.

Kongsberg Protech Systems USA president Scott Burk said: “The fielding of this vehicle system provides Marines with a low-risk and operationally proven solution.”