Servicemen from Azerbaijan’s Naval Forces have successfully participated in the “Kurtaran – 2023” international exercises held in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

A total of 37 representatives from 17 countries participated in the exercises.

The Azerbaijan Naval Forces participated in the “Kurtaran – 2023” underwater search and rescue exercises in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The exercises aimed to enhance the capabilities of the participating countries’ underwater search and rescue teams in handling emergencies.

According to GlobalData’s “Azerbaijan Defense Market 2022-2027” report, the Azerbaijan Navy has a unique geographical area and is responsible for guarding and patrolling the world’s largest inland water body, the Caspian Sea, along with the Azerbaijani islands.

The Azerbaijani service members played a vital role in the exercises and showcased their professional skills and expertise in various stages of the drills.

The tasks included using robots to search for a sunken submarine, assessing its condition, rescuing the crew, and providing them with food and medical supplies through divers.

The “Kurtaran – 2023” exercises were held under the leadership of the Turkish Naval Forces and with the participation of 37 representatives from 17 countries.

The exercises aimed to improve the interoperability and coordination between the participating countries’ underwater search and rescue teams and enhance their capabilities in handling emergencies.

The participation of the Azerbaijani Naval Forces in the “Kurtaran – 2023” exercises highlights the country’s commitment to enhancing its military capabilities and strengthening its ties with other countries in the region.

The practices have allowed the participating countries to exchange experiences and work towards improving their capabilities.