The US Navy has awarded two separate orders to Avon Protection to provide a total of 584 Mi-TIC S thermal imaging cameras.

The new imaging systems are being procured as part of the US Navy’s ongoing efforts to modernise its equipment.

Once delivered, the thermal imaging cameras will be rolled out across the US Navy fleet to support naval firefighting operations, such as casualty response and search and rescue.

Avon Protection Department of Defense vice-president Erik Cobham said: “This is a significant win for Avon Protection, as well as our strategic partner Darley, who we worked closely with to secure the orders, and demonstrates our commitment to navy firefighter teams and the critical role they play in keeping deployed maritime forces safe on operations.

“The Mi-TIC S is globally regarded as a best-in-class product and we are extremely pleased that the US Navy has continued to put their faith in our leading protection products.” 

The company said that its thermal imaging systems are specifically designed to fulfil the requirements of the US Navy’s Damage Controlman firefighting teams.

The Mi-TIC S systems chosen by the US Navy belong to Avon Protection’s argus range of thermal imaging cameras that adhere to the latest National For Protection Association 1801:2021 standard.

It is a lightweight thermal imager system equipped with a large display to provide dynamic range and high performance in intensive firefighting conditions.

The imagers provide a clear view to the firefighting teams both in low and high temperatures to prevent whiteouts. It offers a maximum dynamic range of 1,100°C.

The Mi-TIC S system can be used at the sea, as well as for shore-based firefighting operations.