BAE Systems has announced that the Royal Australian Navy’s (Ran ) HMAS Parramatta will be installed with upgraded maritime satellite communications (SATCOM) terminals.

This will represent a major maritime SATCOM milestone for the project.

HMAS Parramatta will be the first of the fourteen RAN ships, which will be installed with the upgraded terminals.

The Advanced SATCOM Terrestrial Infrastructure System, Maritime Communications Element (MASTIS) terminal upgrade project will offer a major boost to the navy’s operations and life at sea.

Landing Helicopter Dock ships, the ANZAC fleet, the Guided Missile Destroyers and amphibious support ship HMAS Choules will also receive the upgraded MASTIS capability.

The second ship to be upgraded will be the HMAS Choules, which will depart after HMAS Parramatta leaves.

BAE Systems Australia  defence delivery director Andrew Gresham said: “The company is a world leader in the development and delivery of bespoke communications technologies including the long-standing support to the MASTIS terminals.

“The sailing of the first ships to receive their MASTIS upgrade is a really important milestone in this programme and demonstrates our commitment to collaborating with the Commonwealth to bring timely capability to the fingertips of the end users.

“BAE Systems Australia’s commitment to the sustainment of our navy fleet goes beyond the vessels themselves.”

The terminals will offer enhanced bandwidth, better efficiency of defence satellite capacity, and boosted network interoperability.

The land-based MASTIS training facility at North Ryde for RAN training will be upgraded as part of the programme.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, the remaining 12 ships will be upgraded.