Australia’s sovereign-owned company ASC has formally announced the introduction of a comprehensive digital transformation programme.

Professional services consultancy Deloitte has been selected as ASC’s implementation partner for the programme.

Enterprise resource planning solution IFS will be used for the initiative. Novacura and BluePrism are the other suppliers taking part in the transformation.

ASC’s digital transformation programme will improve its critical business systems and facilitate streamlined processes and integration. It will also aid optimised decision-making across ASC with expanded use of real-time data.

In addition, it will equip ASC with advanced capabilities to support the ‘sovereign sustainment’ of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Collins Class submarine fleet.

ASC CEO and managing director Stuart Whiley said: “This project will keep ASC at the cutting-edge of submarine sustainment innovation. It will ensure we maintain an efficient, cost conscious culture as we continue to deliver world-class service and value for money to the Royal Australian Navy.

“ASC is committed to the growth and development of its employees. The new systems will ensure they are skilled in the latest digital systems, streamline their work and provide greater job satisfaction.

“Our people will be better equipped to do their jobs by working with real-time data, integrative platforms and improved knowledge-sharing that will enable them to focus on the areas of their expertise.”

The project is expected to create some 35 new jobs, based across South and Western Australia.