The Royal Australian Navy (Ran) is set to form a centralised combat support agency to help meet the service’s increasing demands.

The new organisation will be created by merging the RAN Test and Evaluation Authority and Australian Maritime Warfare Centre.

The merged entity will be named Maritime Warfare Centre.

Both the RAN Test and Evaluation Authority and Australian Maritime Warfare Centre have been serving RAN in building and improving the fighting capability of the service.

The two teams currently work individually but closely coordinate with each other and RAN to ensure proper understanding of the available naval fleet and help boost their efficiency to the fullest.

With the amalgamation of the two units, the continuous ship designing, testing and tactical development are expected to be more efficiently strategised.

The role and responsibilities of the new organisation would include ‘test and evaluation, tactical development and operational analysis throughout the capability life cycle’.

Australian Maritime Warfare Centre Director captain David Frost said: “These two organisations have always worked closely, but it’s now time to be one team and provide both head of navy capability and fleet commander with a one-stop warfighting support shop.”

Located at Garden Island in Sydney, the Maritime Warfare Centre would report to the Deputy Fleet Commander. It will officially open on 20 January.

As part of the merger, test and tactic development teams will be put in place by the Maritime Warfare Centre.

The teams will be responsible for supporting navy programmes with services such as the planning, collecting and analysing of data to help make informed decisions.