Pakistan has started the seventh iteration of the multinational naval maritime exercise, Aman-2021.

The drill, which started on 12 February, kicked off with an opening ceremony held in the port of Karachi of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Being held in the waters of the Arabian Sea, Aman-2021 is a non-block exercise. It will run until 16 February.

Participants from the naval forces of 45 countries are independently taking part in the ‘Aman-2021’ exercise, at the invitation of the Pakistani counterpart.

Vessels of Pakistani Navy, Russian Navy and six other countries, as well as aviation and anti-terror units, will be involved in the sea episodes development of the exercise.

A Russian military delegation, led by rear admiral Oleg Apishev, attended the opening ceremony.

Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement: “The ‘Aman-2021’ exercise, which will be held from 12 to 16 February in the Arabian Sea, is dedicated to strengthening and developing military cooperation between the countries participating in the manoeuvres in the interests of security and stability at sea, as well as sharing experience in countering the threats of maritime piracy in areas of heavy shipping and conducting search and rescue operations at sea.”

The Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet assets participating in the exercise are Admiral Grigorovich frigate, Dmitry Rogachev patrol ship and the SB-739 rescue tug, a marine corps unit, a mine clearance unit and a sea-based deck helicopter.

The detachment reached the territorial waters of Pakistan one day earlier.