Edge Group company Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding (ADSB) has officially commenced the construction of Falaj 3-class fast patrol vessels (FPVs) for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy.

The start of production work on the new vessel was marked by a steel cutting ceremony, which was held at the company’s shipyard in the UAE on 21 December.

The new milestone in the construction of first of class (FoC) Falaj 3-class vessel also marks the culmination of design phase, with support from the UAE Navy and other industry partners.

The company has completed this design phase as per the schedule.

According to ADSB, the new stage signifies its capability to support the regional military initiatives and strengthens the company’s position as regional shipbuilding and strategic partner for the UAE Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The initial contract for the construction of the UAE Navy’s four Falaj 3-class fast patrol vessel (FPVs) was awarded to ADSB in May 2021.

The contract was awarded by the UAE MoD and Navy.

The UAE-based company said that the new Falaj 3 vessels are highly flexible and complex high-speed warships.

The ships feature a wide range of sensors and combat systems that are expected to enhance the operational capability of the UAE Navy to undertake several combat missions at the sea.

Later, ADSB selected a ST Engineering’s Marine business to provide platform equipment and design as well as other technical support services for all the four Falaj 3-class boats.

The sub-contract was awarded to this Singapore-based company in November 2021.

This deal also involved ST Engineering to deliver support and assistance for the construction of first Falaj-class vessel.