BAE Systems stood as the overall winner in the Business Expansion category in the 2023 Naval Technology Excellence Awards. The award highlights the company’s significant contributions to the defence industry through a series of high-profile contracts and innovative developments.

One of the pivotal reasons for BAE Systems’ recognition is the substantial £4.2bn contract awarded by the UK Ministry of Defence for the construction of five additional Type 26, or City-class, frigates. The contract is part of the Global Combat Ship programme and is expected to sustain approximately 1,700 jobs at BAE Systems’ facilities in Glasgow, with a further 2,300 jobs supported across the UK supply chain. The Type 26 frigates are set to enhance the Royal Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities and safeguard the UK’s maritime interests.

In addition to shipbuilding, BAE Systems secured a £270m contract to upgrade and maintain critical radars for the Royal Navy’s fleet. This decade-long commitment will enhance the fleet’s defensive capabilities against airborne and seaborne threats, ensuring the operational readiness of various vessels, including the Type 23 and Type 26 frigates, Type 45 destroyers, and Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers. The investment aligns with the anticipated growth in the global military radar market and underscores the UK’s dedication to equipping its Armed Forces with cutting-edge technology.

BAE Systems’ expansion is not limited to the UK; the company also made significant strides in the international arena. The US Marine Corps has entrusted BAE Systems with an $88m contract to produce multiple production-ready test vehicles (PRTVs) for the amphibious combat vehicle (ACV) programme. The contract further cements BAE Systems’ position as a trusted partner for the USMC, providing advanced capabilities to ensure battlefield dominance.

Furthermore, the company’s role in modernising the US Navy’s surface fleet has been recognised through a $536.7m contract awarded by the US Naval Information Warfare Systems Command. BAE Systems, along with its partners, will provide engineering services to integrate, test, and install command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) systems on surface ships. The contract is a testament to BAE Systems’ expertise in delivering advanced technological solutions and its commitment to maintaining the US Navy’s technological edge.

BAE Systems’ success in securing these contracts and its forward-thinking approach to defence technology, including the introduction of the Adaptable Strike Frigate concept and the integration of autonomous systems, have been instrumental in its recognition as a leader in business expansion. The company’s dedication to innovation, job creation, and the enhancement of global maritime security has set a benchmark for excellence in the naval defence industry.

BAE Systems also stood as one of the winners in the Research and Development and Innovation categories. To learn more, download the 2023 Naval Technology Excellence Awards Report.

Company Profile

Headquartered in the UK, BAE Systems is a defence and aerospace organisation specialising in the integration of complex systems and providing a broad spectrum of solutions in defence, aerospace, and security sectors that encompass terrestrial, aeronautical, and naval domains. The company’s extensive portfolio encompasses cutting-edge electronics, intelligence and cybersecurity services, IT solutions, as well as comprehensive support services.

BAE Systems is engaged in the development, production, and provision of combat aircraft, space technology, maritime vessels, submersibles, avionics, detection systems, and a suite of C4ISR systems, alongside electronic warfare equipment, underwater weaponry, and precision-guided munitions. The company caters to a diverse clientele, including both governmental and private sector entities.

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