L3Harris Technologies has been honoured with an Innovation award in the 2023 Naval Technology Excellence Awards, in recognition of its groundbreaking work in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) systems. The company has achieved a significant milestone by developing the first-ever ‘launch and recovery’ AUV solution, which has been designed to enhance the operational capabilities of submarines.

The innovative ‘Torpedo Tube Launch and Recovery’ (TTLR) system allows submarines to deploy AUVs while remaining hidden in safe waters. The technology enables the AUV to conduct surveys and missions in areas that are otherwise inaccessible to the host submarine. Upon completion of its mission, the AUV can return to the submarine with valuable data that can be utilised for tactical and navigational planning, thus facilitating effective manned-unmanned teaming within a sub-surface fleet.

L3Harris Technologies’ collaboration with the US Navy was instrumental in the successful demonstration of this AUV launch and recovery capability. The company’s AUV Technology Director, Daryl Slocum, highlighted the complexity of the project, noting that it required a “phenomenal team effort” to teach the AUV to navigate into a torpedo tube with a very small margin for error. The project, from its inception to the demonstration of the capability, was completed in an impressively short timeframe.

The TTLR system is expected to significantly increase the operational effectiveness of the US Navy’s submarine fleet, allowing every nuclear-powered general-purpose attack (SSN-class) submarine to act as an AUV mothership. This capability aligns with the growing demand for uncrewed underwater vehicles (UUVs), which is anticipated to see the global UUV market increase from $525.1m in 2020 to $750.5m by 2030, according to GlobalData.

The US is expected to continue leading the global market, with multiple procurement programmes in place for various classes of UUVs, including the Orca XLUUV, Snakehead Large Diameter UUV, and Razorback medium-sized UUV. These initiatives are driven by the need for autonomous mine countermeasure capabilities and the development of a distributed fleet structure.

L3Harris Technologies’ achievement in AUV innovation not only positions the company as a leader in the defence technology sector but also contributes to the strategic capabilities of naval forces globally.

L3Harris Technologies also stood as a winner in the Business Expansion category. To learn more, download the 2023 Naval Technology Excellence Awards Report.

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