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What is Business Expansion?

Business Expansion is one of our largest categories and looks at the core functions of business operations within the sector.

This consists of any projects that have expanded the company’s footprint in the sector, including: contract wins; launching in new territories; launching new product lines; the acquisition and expansion of facilities and real estate; acquisition of new machinery or other assets; improved logistics; partnerships; and significant staff increases.


Recent global disruptions seem to have not hampered the naval industry’s expansion, which can be seen through the growth of fleet capabilities and numbers around the globe, with many fleets being refurbished or upgraded to fit the modern needs of the industry.

Keeping track with the times is a sign of a healthy industry and in the C4ISR sector we have seen evidence of this through the development of new and improved models and technologies including more accurate navigation systems optimised to work with satellite and 5G technology and acoustic minesweeping.

Another notable category is Aviation, which has also seen steady growth during the research period, including many cases of innovation and optimisation, with prominent examples in the development of jets and expansion of fleet capacity.

Logistics has also seen steady growth through the optimisation of software systems and the expansion of equipment production, highlighting a heightened need for maintaining fleet capabilities and integrity and a focus on optimising processes.



Air Industries GroupEmbraerMarotta Controls
Airbus GroupGriffon CorporationNorthrop Grumman
AtosHindustan AeronauticsPteroDynamics
BAE SystemsLeonardoRossell India
BoeingLockheed MartinTextron Aviation

The companies in this category are producing helicopters, jets and other aviation equipment to ensure operational efficiency and aerial defence capabilities.

C4ISR: Defence and Space Technology

Advanced Technology InternationalCollins AerospaceLeonardoNorthrop Grumman
Airbus GroupCombined Maritime ForcesMahindra Defence Systems Limited (MDSL)Orbit Communications Systems
AirFabElbit SystemsMBDAParsons Corporation
BAE SystemsHuntington Ingalls IndustriesNational Armaments ConsortiumRaytheon Technologies Corporation
Cobham Advanced Electronic SolutionsIndraNaval Surface Warfare CenterUltra Electronics Group

Defence and space technology are key to the successful integration of defensive systems. The companies in this category have been creating defence systems, space-based targeting solutions and satellite-enhanced targeting systems to name but a few.

C4ISR: Electronic Warfare

Babcock International GroupElettronica MarittimaQinetiQ
Defence Electronics Research LaboratoryNorthrop GrummanSypris Electronics
Elbit Systems

During the research period we have seen electronic warfare becoming increasingly prevalent as a new and innovative field of weapons systems development with the companies in this category at the forefront in delivering suites and improvements.

C4ISR: Minesweeping Technology

Atlas ElektronikMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesSaab
CTM MagneticsNaval GroupSeeByte
Defence Equipment & SupportPatriaThales
ECA GroupRaytheon Technologies Corporation

Minesweeping is key to a well-functioning naval force. The companies in this category are hard at work delivering solutions including acoustic minesweepers, anti-mine vessels and remotely operated mine-hunters.

C4ISR: Navigation Systems

CS GroupMBDARaytheon Technologies Corporation
Grupo EmenasaNAPASchiebel
LeidosPerspectaVT Group

The companies in this category have been improving existing navigation systems, delivering new solutions based on satellite technology, as well as delivering cybersecurity solutions for navigational software.

C4ISR: Radar and Sonar

CohortIsrael Aerospace IndustriesSaab
ECA GroupKongsbergSEA Europe
General AtomicsLeidosSmiths Interconnect
Griffon CorporationNVLThales
HensoldtPatriaUltra Electronics Group
Hyundai Heavy IndustriesRaytheon Technologies Corporation

Radar and sonar systems are key to ensuring the safety of the crew and success of any mission. The companies in this category have been fleets with systems that are lasting and tailored for the mission at hand.

C4ISR: Reconnaissance Vehicles

BAE SystemsSafran
Elbit SystemsTextron Systems
General Dynamics

Reconnaissance is key to an operations’ success. The companies in this category have won contracts related to vehicles that operate both on land and air and have the ability to deliver efficient results.


AustalGeneral DynamicsNorthrop Grumman
Australian Naval InfrastructureJacobsPortsmouth Naval Shipyard
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine EngineeringLeonardoVectrus

During the research period the companies in this category have been constructing facilities such as manufacturing facilities for various components, ship-building hubs and docks.

Logistics: Digital Infrastructure

BAE SystemsMBDATDM Group
Bharat ElectronicsNaval GroupTerradepth
Dell TechnologiesNCI Information SystemsTriumph Group
DeloittePeratonViasat Inc.
Eco Wave Power GlobalPerspectaVT Group

The naval industry has seen an increase in digitalisation of key infrastructure during this period of research. The companies in this category have been creating digital tools, digitalizing port and hub infrastructure and further developing cloud-based communications.

Logistics: Equipment Expansion

Babcock International GroupHuntington Ingalls IndustriesSentar
BAE SystemsKonecranesSierra Management and Technologies
BWX TechnologiesScience Applications International CorporationVertex Marine

Equipment is vital for the maintenance of a fleet and its operational integrity. The companies in this category have worked on projects related to equipment supply chains, the delivery of maintenance services and the optimisation of logistics.

Logistics: Propulsion Technology

AirseasRaytheon Technologies CorporationRolls-Royce

The companies in this category produce and supply engines and have been developing alternative types of propulsion technologies.

Logistics: Systems Optimization

Alfa LavalColdQuantaParsons Corporation
Babcock International GroupLockheed MartinRolls-Royce
BAE SystemsNAPATeledyne Marine Group
BPNaval Group

Systems are integral to fleet performance and from that comes a need for optimization. The companies in this category have been working hard to optimise sensors, vessel software and energy systems.

Maintenance: Aviation

Airbus GroupCollins AerospaceOpstar
AmentumKongsbergRohde & Schwarz
BAE SystemsMarshall Aerospace & Defence GroupVertex Aerospace

The companies in this category have won contracts related to the maintenance of naval aerial vehicles, providing parts, services and equipment.

Maintenance: Network

Bionet SonarNCI Information SystemsSaab
GenasysNoblis MSDThales
Lockheed MartinRohde & SchwarzVT Group
Motorola Solutions

The companies in this category keep the various networks in the industry up to date and battle-ready, providing radio, on-board and other networks with the latest technology.

Maintenance: Vessel

A.P. Moller – MaerskDamen Shipyards GroupHENSOLDTRaytheon Technologies Corporation
ASYAD GroupFairbanks Morse DefenseHuntington Ingalls IndustriesRolls-Royce
Babcock International GroupFincantieriNaval GroupSerco
BAE SystemsFUJIFILM Holdings America CorporationNORSTA MaritimeThales
Curtiss-Wright CorporationGE PowerNorthrop GrummanVertex Marine

The companies in this category have won contracts related to the maintenance of the full range of naval vessels, ensuring operational integrity.

Unmanned Systems: Drones

Airbus GroupEvolve DynamicsQinetiQ
Astronics CorporationGeneral AtomicsSchiebel
BAE SystemsKratos Defense and Security SolutionsShield AI
Belgium Naval & RoboticsNaval GroupSpace Applications Services
BoeingNorthrop GrummanUltra Electronics Group
ESG Elektroniksystem-und Logistik

Drones are key to any unmanned operation and its success. The companies in this category have been busy developing and perfecting old models as well as creating new prototypes to be even more efficient in aerial missions.

Unmanned Systems: Surface Vessels

AustalL3Harris TechnologiesRolls-Royce
Israel Aerospace IndustriesMSubsSonardyne International

The companies in this category have been hard at work perfecting designs and testing newly produced models to make sure they can be an integral part of any mission.

Unmanned Systems: Underwater Vessels

General AtomicsKraken RoboticsNorthrop Grumman
General DynamicsMartin Defense GroupTeledyne Marine Group
Huntington Ingalls Industries

Underwater unmanned operations require sturdy and trustworthy vessels. The companies in this category have been delivering underwater vessels and been working hard on perfecting the next generation.

Vessels: Carriers

Babcock International GroupHuntington Ingalls IndustriesHyundai Heavy Industries

The companies in this category have won contracts related to the production of new aircraft carriers.

Vessels: Combat Vessels

AustalGeneral DynamicsLockheed MartinPrevail Partners
BAE SystemsHuntington Ingalls IndustriesMazagon Dock Shipbuilders LimitedRaytheon Technologies Corporation
Damen Shipyards GroupHyundai Heavy IndustriesNaval GroupRohde & Schwarz
Den BreejenIsrael Aerospace IndustriesNavantiaThyssenkrupp Marine Systems
FincantieriIsrael ShipyardsNavirisXebec

Combat vessels have a plethora of variants, all in their way important for operational integrity and success. The companies in this category are producing destroyers, corvettes and littoral combat ships among others, as well as securing contracts related to upgrades, maintenance and modifications.

Vessels: Design

AustalKraken Robotics
Babcock International GroupLeidos
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering

The companies in this category have been developing new integrated designs for vessels across the spectrum that combine system integration with vessel optimization.

Vessels: Frigates

Babcock International GroupFincantieriL3Harris TechnologiesOSI Maritime Systems
BAE SystemsForsvarsmateriellMBDASaab
Damen Shipyards GroupGarden Reach Shipbuilders & EngineersMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesShield Marine Services
DNV – MaritimeHyundai Heavy IndustriesNaval GroupThyssenkrupp Marine Systems

The companies in this category are working hard to produce, upgrade, modify and bring new weapons systems to world-class frigates.

Vessels: Service Vessels

Abu Dhabi Ship BuildingJFD Global
AustalLarsen & Toubro
Babcock International GroupMarine Specialised Technology Group
BAE SystemsNaval Group
Damen Shipyards GroupNavantia
FincantieriNorthrop Grumman
Fr. FassmerNVL
Fr. Lurssen WerftRavestein
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & EngineersSecon
General DynamicsST Engineering
Hindustan Shipyard LimitedSteber International
Huntington Ingalls IndustriesTitagarh Group
Irving Shipbuilding

The naval industry requires a variety of non-combat vessels for diverse operations and services. The companies in this category have won contracts related to the development and production of search-and-rescue vessels, diving support, amphibious transports and others.

Vessels: Submarines

BAE SystemsJSC United Shipbuilding CorporationPortsmouth Naval Shipyard
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine EngineeringKawasaki Heavy IndustriesPT PAL Indonesia (Persero)
FincantieriMazagon Dock ShipbuildersRolls-Royce
General AtomicsNaval GroupSaab
General DynamicsNavantiaThyssenkrupp Marine Systems
Huntington Ingalls Industries

The companies in this category have won contracts to develop and produce new manned underwater vessels.

Weapons: Ammunition and Rockets

AustalGeneral AtomicsMistral GroupSaab
Babcock International GroupIsrael Aerospace IndustriesNational Aboriginal Construction PartnersScience Applications International Corporation
BAE SystemsKongsbergNorthrop GrummanTeledyne Marine Group
CohortLockheed MartinProteus Advanced SystemsThales
Curtiss-Wright CorporationMBDARaytheon Technologies CorporationUltra Electronics Group

The companies in this category supply naval vessels with everything from missiles through to rockets and general ammunition.

Weapons: Aviation

BAE SystemsBharat ElectronicsThales

The companies in this category have won contracts related to weaponry for aerial vehicles and have delivered everything from anti-drone devices to missile launch systems.

Weapons: Conventional

BAE SystemsKongsbergManTech
Bharat Heavy ElectricalsLeonardoSerco

The companies in this category have a clear focus on manufacturing and delivering conventional installations and weapons such as artillery and cannons as well as maintenance programs.

Weapons: Lasers

Bharat ElectronicsLockheed MartinRheinmetall
Chess DynamicsMBDAVT Group

During the research period we have seen increased interest in laser technology. The companies in this category are building innovative weapons technology and perfecting its combat ability.