ARTEMIS PRO for Commercial and Search-and-Rescue Divers

ARTEMIS PRO is a handheld underwater computer that incorporates a target detection sonar, DVL, camera, dive-light, acoustic positioning, data modem and GPS navigation aids, which are designed to assist commercial and search-and-rescue divers in locating objects on the seabed.

ARTEMIS PRO has also been specifically optimised for use by naval mine clearance, EOD and commercial divers for locating and navigating submerged targets as an alternative to conducting a tactile or circular search around a known datum, or large area survey work to identify objects on the seabed.

For its target search and identification role, the forward imaging sonar uses multi-beam technology to provide near instantaneous updates of the whole field-of-view at rates of up to 20 times per second. Dual frequency operation allows a good balance between long-range initial detection coupled with excellent short range detail.

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