Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System (ECPINS-W Sub) – Tactical Dived Navigation

Technological innovation in the submarine has not just been limited to propulsion and weapons systems. The accuracy of many navigation sensors such as internal platforms, speed logs and global positioning systems have advanced markedly throughout the past several decades, but only very recently has the manner by which that positioning information is used within the Control Room environment changed as the paper chart is replaced by a warship electronic chart display and information system (WECDIS).

In exceeding both the IMO and Nato STANAG 45641 requirements, only OSI's electronic chart precise integrated navigation system (ECPINS) comes close to meeting the needs of a modern Nato Navy. ECPINS allows the Royal Navy to operate submarines globally with significantly improved navigational safety as well as tactical situational awareness. Standard commercially compliant ECDIS or other military ECDIS do not come near to the capabilities utilized by the Royal Navy through ECPINS.

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