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Infrared Cameras, Multi-Axis-Stabilized Cameras and Optical Systems

44 Simon Street, Nashua, New Hampshire, 03060,Other, United States of America

44 Simon Street, Nashua, New Hampshire, 03060,Other, United States of America

Axsys Technologies is a leading provider of electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) imaging systems and gyro-stabilized cameras that are used in a wide range of surveillance applications in the defense, homeland security and commercial perimeter-surveillance and aerial law enforcement markets. Our camera systems are recognized for their superior imaging capabilities, lower cost of ownership and proven reliability in the field. Our cameras can be integrated with an Axsys precision pan and tilt positioner for a complete EO/IR imaging system.

Infrared cameras and systems

Axsys EO/IR medium and long-range thermal imaging cameras meet today’s global demand for highly versatile and reliable surveillance imaging systems for military, homeland security and commercial perimeter and aerial surveillance applications. Axsys cameras are known for their superior imaging capabilities and proven performance in the field.

Multi-axis stabilized camera systems

Our multi-sensor camera systems, the V14 MSII and the V9, are used by a growing number of law enforcement and government agencies to assist in aerial surveillance and search and rescue missions. Our Cineflex® V14HD five-axis stabilized camera system is the camera of choice for aerial photography in motion picture production and image gathering.

Tactical and strategic optical systems

Axsys is a leading supplier of high-performance optical solutions and services for applications that demand the most stringent optical requirements such as fast scanning mirrors, laser and micro-inspection systems, and integrated optical lens assemblies. Axsys optical solutions are found in a growing number of tactical and strategic military, aerospace and homeland security programs.

Military imaging and optical systems

Axsys Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance EO/IR systems, multi-axis stabilized cameras, infrared lenses, optical systems and components and motion control products. On the ground, at sea, or in the air, Axsys products and solutions protect troops, ensure the safety of borders and ports of entry, deter threats at sea, and peer into the far reaches of the universe.

The proven performance and reliability of our imaging and optical systems have led to a growing base of global customers including military, homeland security and aerospace markets, and related high performance commercial markets such as aerial and perimeter surveillance applications in law enforcement, energy, and broadcast and film production.

As our customers continue to envision the need for more advanced optical and imaging applications, Axsys will remain at the forefront of innovation.

MANTAS T-Series Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV)

The Man-Portable Tactical Autonomous Systems (MANTAS) T-series of next-generation multi-role unmanned surface vessels (USVs) is developed by Maritime Tactical Systems (MARTAC).

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