Alfons Haar is a helicopter refuelling system (HRS) manufacturer that offers leading refuelling technology, refined over decades of supplying navies around the world with optimal fuel system engineering.

Onboard aviation refuelling is a specialist field. It a critical capability of modern naval vessels to safely and efficiently refuel helicopters, small boats and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with clean and dry aviation fuel.

With a complete range of helicopter refuelling systems, Alfons Haar has become globally recognised for reliable compact designs, optimising fuel system capability and reducing system footprint. By using in-house manufactured pumping and metering hardware and control systems, we ensure ongoing system design improvements.

Modern user interfaces power an intrinsically safe distributed intelligence bus system.
More than 2,600 NSN-codified parts support several decades and many generations of naval vessels globally (NCAGE D0909). Shock grade A-approved and vibration-tested hardware supports our world-leading helicopter fuelling systems.
Local staff supporting a global solution. Haar Australia is an experienced supplier to defence and naval sectors from simple spare parts support through to working with primes on complex full fuelling system overhauls.
International engineering since 1949. Decades of fuel system design and innovation have resulted in the lowest footprint of any fuel delivery system available today.
As the Australian distributor of Faudi Aviation’s solutions, we are heavily involved in aviation fuel filtration and water detection to guarantee clean and dry fuel.
Hundreds of Alfons Haar helicopter fuelling systems are onboard naval vessels in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand.

Alfons Haar’s aviation refuelling systems all have required systems approvals from GL, Lloyds Register CAP 437, STANAG, Shock Grade A and vibration testing. They also comply with industry safety and fuel handling standards and regulations such as CE, IECex/ATEX, JIG, Civil Aviation Authority CAP 437, DNV GL, and LRS Lloyds Register of Shipping.

Refuelling modules for naval applications

A comprehensive pre-engineered range of refuelling modules is available as the building block for an integrated helicopter fuelling system. The modules operate similarly to a plug-and-play system, with engineering drawings and other technical data available from the inception of the ship.

Compatible with various system sizes, pump filter modules (PFM) start from a small 100 LPM system up to a 2,360 LPM system while refuelling modules (RM) are available in three size classes.

Flexible system architecture for the naval sector

PreciCONTROL is a flexible and safe electrical control system, enabling interconnectivity between modules via a bus system called PreciBUS.

Connecting to each other via a master bus, larger systems with multiple-user access points are seamlessly integrated. This enables full scalability, redundancy and easy integration with a ship’s integrated platform management system (IPMS).

The communications bus removes the majority of the cabling and controls, reducing system complexity and increasing supportability.

Based on the PreciCONTROL control system, the latest generation Alfons Haar HRS uses a state-of-the-art modular system architecture, offering a compact, lightweight solution with a modern communications bus. This aims to reduce system complexity to enable faster installation and integration, as well as improved user experience.

HIFR in-flight helicopter fuelling and aircraft fuel filtration

A helicopter in-flight refuelling system (HIFR) enables refuelling even if landing on the ship is not possible due to space limitations, adverse sea conditions or other operational reasons.

Alfons Haar HIFR is manufactured according to ISO 9001, STANAG 3847 and Certificate of Airworthiness requirements. Available in multiple configurations, HIFR uses Alfons Haar UNISEX coupling compliant with MIL-C-53071 and an advanced breakaway coupling.

Fuel filtration and quality sensors for naval applications

Haar Australia is the Australian distributor of Faudi Aviation fuel filtration and quality sensor technology. Compliant with Energy Institute (EI) specifications and accepted by JIG, Faudi’s filter water separators, dirt defence filters and Afguard water detection sensors are the industry’s preferred solutions for clean, high-quality fuel.

Faudi’s filter water separators ensure clean and dry fuel to the aircraft by effectively removing water and particulate. Microfilters and the Afguard water detection sensor offer a JIG and EI-compliant dirt defence filtration solution and a secondary line of control.

Additional controls such as differential pressure management, automatic sump draining and water slug detection technology ensure the highest aviation fuel quality.