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Armox Steel Protection Plates

Armox has been designed by SSAB to provide harder and tougher steel to manufacturers of protection equipment.


Armox has been designed by SSAB to provide harder and tougher steel to manufacturers of protection equipment.

The brand is just one product by SSAB, which is a specialist in providing tempered steel, and has been operating for 50 years.

Steel obtained from the mines of northern Sweden

SSAB obtain the steel for the Armox brand from the mines of northern Sweden, with only the purest ore being selected.

The firm is working constantly to find new ways to improve and refine the production process for the most premium quality protection steel.

The Armox 370T steel contains a tough composition that makes it highly resistant against blasts.
The chart explains the highly resistant properties of the different Armox compositions.

Armox grades between 300 and 600 Brinell

Armox, SSAB’s well-known high-end protection plate, is delivered from the mill in Oxelösund in a quenched and tempered condition.

The standard Armox grades are manufactured in 300 to 600 Brinell hardness. These grades are delivered with guaranteed mechanical properties (hardness, tensile strength, and impact toughness) in plate thicknesses ranging from 3mm-150mm, depending on the actual grade hardness.

SSAB also offers an ultra-high hardness ballistic grade, Armox Advance. It is delivered with a guaranteed Rockwell C hardness. The plate is available in thicknesses between 4mm and 7.9mm, and is intended for add-on armour applications.

Protection plates for ultimate protection performance

Armox is designed for use when ultimate protection performance is required in combination with ease of use in the workshop.

SSAB also offers Ramor protection plate which is delivered in an as quenched condition with guaranteed hardness, and is intended for civilian applications. Ramor is produced in 300 to 550 Brinell hardness and available as cut-to-length sheets or heavy plate in thicknesses from 2.5mm-30mm, depending on the actual grade hardness. Ramor has good workshop properties.

Protection engineers and vehicle manufacturers are able to tailor their design solutions by using Armox and Ramor; the most complete range of protection plate on the market.

Armox protection plates have been used to protect people in the world’s most dangerous environments for more than 25 years. It has literally been tested in the field.

Extensive testing for protection places with guaranteed ballistic properties

SSAB customers are suppliers of protection equipment for military and civil applications; equipment that can ultimately save human lives. Under such circumstances, there is no room for error.

The firm’s entire production process is designed to make sure its products are always well within its users specifications, to ensure safety is always guaranteed.

That’s why Armox protection plates can be delivered with guaranteed ballistic properties. Each grade and thickness is tested according to the most extensive and stringent international standards.

In addition SSAB cooperates with leading independent laboratories for ballistic testing in order to offer protection plates, certified to customers required standards.

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