Times Microwave Systems (TMS) has been committed to the development of quality, high-performance coaxial cables, connectors, and cable assemblies for more than 70 years.

As a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation (NYSE: APH) and part of the Amphenol Military and Aerospace (AMAO) division, we supply next-generation transmission line products for naval, aerospace, military, telecommunications, and industrial radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications.

Shipboard and marine cabling products

Shipboard cables from TMS are MIL-C-17 qualified and are suitable for use on marine vessels, including cruise ships, submarines, navy vessels and drilling rigs.

Specific cables provided by TMS for marine applications include the LMR®-75 Ohm and LMR®-LLPX Plenum high-performance cables, T-Rad and Nu-Trac radiating cables and Military Shipboard LLSB Shipboard Coaxial Cables. We also supply MilTech® Assemblies for Severe Environment and Low Loss Assemblies, as well as the LP-WBX Times Protect for lightning protection.

Times Microwave Systems offers a complete line of MIL-DTL-17 qualified cables and connectors that can be assembled using a compact prep tool.
Times Microwave Systems currently employ more than 650 team members worldwide.
The LP-WBX-N high performance series uses a filter circuit to provide exceptional lightning protection over the 2000-6000MHz frequency bands.
PhaseTrack® PT-047 is a micro coaxial cable with a broad frequency range the extends up to 70GHz.

High-quality coaxial cable products

The TMS PhaseTrack® PT-047 is a micro coaxial cable with a broad frequency range that extends up to 70GHz. Combining a compact size with high performance, the PT-047 is also highly flexible and phase stable.

Our Maxgain® coaxial cable is optimised for lowest attenuation at 50GHz. The ultra-low loss cable assemblies also feature ultra-stable insertion and wide operating temperature range.

The LPA-500-LLPL 0.5in Plenum RF Cable is suitable as a feedline supporting distributed antenna systems (DAS) in buildings. The plenum listed (type CMP), low-loss coaxial cable offers excellent intermodulation performance.

About TMS

Founded in 1948 as the Times Wire and Cable Company, TMS has remained at the front of coaxial cable development.

Based in Wallingford, Connecticut, US, TMS benefits from locations in Arizona and Florida, as well as China, the UK, and the Netherlands. Currently employing more than 650 team members across all our locations, we have a team of engineers who can provide assistance for any application.