CRFS provides deployable systems to detect, identify and geolocate signals in a range of complex radio frequency (RF) spectrum environments.

Radio frequency spectrum monitoring and geolocation

CRFS designs and builds a range of bespoke, high-performance radio frequency (RF) receivers and pioneering software. These rugged and modular systems monitor the RF spectrum from 9KHz to 18GHz.

Signals are analyzed and geolocated, providing clients with essential transmission intelligence in specific areas of interest. When a signal appears, alerts can be generated and sent to other command and control systems.

CRFS provides radio frequency (RF) spectrum monitoring solutions for the naval industry.
The company designs and manufactures customised, high-performance radio frequency (RF) receivers and pioneering software.
CRFS’s signal-analysing software provides essential geolocation and transmission intelligence for naval clients.

With low-noise and high-probability of intercept, CRFS’ systems provide complete and actionable RF intelligence.

Naval test range monitoring and RF deconfliction

When testing weapons and communication systems, CRFS’ solutions continually monitor the spectrum to enable RF deconfliction, preventing equipment from interference with each other or any nearby civilian equipment.

Equipment operating outside of scope, in the wrong area, or at the wrong time can be flagged automatically for attention. CRFS’ systems also alert operators to third-party equipment that may be causing interference. They are then able to automatically geolocate the source.

Electronic warfare support and signals intelligence (SIGINT)

RF signals in the naval battlespace provide vital intelligence on enemy equipment and future intent. High-performance, rugged CRFS receivers pick up a wide range of signal types from long distances, including low-powered, pulsed signals.

Using CRFS’s artificial intelligence system, signals can be classified as friend or foe and by equipment type. They are then geolocated to gain intelligence on who, what and where the signal came from.

Naval emissions control solutions for the maritime sector

As well as picking up potential adversaries’ signals, CRFS’ systems are used to ensure friendly vessels are not emitting signals during an emissions control (EMCON) state.

Even low-powered, short duration signals can be seen many miles away at sea. Using the CRFS system, clients can quickly and easily verify the status on all shipborne transmitters.

Passive aircraft tracking systems for maritime applications

Using a network of CRFS shipborne receivers, clients can passively track RF emissions from aircraft that are undetectable by the ship’s radar. Information on the location, height and speed of the aircraft can be obtained not only to provide intelligence of enemy movement but also deliver an enhanced early warning system for an incoming attack.

About CRFS

At CRFS, we provide hardware and software to provide a first-class naval solution. We work with clients to determine, build and deploy systems to meet specific requirements.

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