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Industrial Diving Equipment for Naval Applications

SANTI provides high-quality diving equipment, which is used by divers to guarantee safety, simplicity and enjoyment.


SANTI provides high-quality diving equipment used by divers to ensure safety, simplicity and comfort. The product range includes heating systems and drysuits, as well as immersion and rescue suits.

Heating systems for diving personnel

SANTI’s diving equipment ensures that naval personnel are kept dry, warm and comfortable during prolonged underwater activity.

The SANTI heated range allows divers to stay underwater for longer by maintaining the warmth at a moderate level and preventing overheating. The equipment balances the body temperature, keeping divers comfortable and safe for longer.

The SANTI Heating System includes a heated undersuit, vest, and gloves, as well as drysuit connectors and 6Ah / 24Ah battery packs.

SANTI's heated undersuit provides the highest thermal protection underwater.
SANTI’s heated gloves designed as part of the complex heating system, preventing discomfort from cold hands during long divers or decompression time.
The SANTI Battery 6Ah is produced for the SANTI heating system slammer elements vest and gloves.
The SANTI Battery 24Ah is designed to supply power to SANTI heated apparel.
The company provides the SANTI Connector, the SANTI Double Connector and the SANTI Thermovalve.
The SANTI E.Lite Drysuit is made of Ripstop nylon high-performance trylaminate fabric with a total weight of 535g/m². The product is strong and durable, yet extra flexible.
The SANTI ENDURO Drysuit is made of Cordura trilaminate robust fabric with a total weight of 620g/m² and has a classic design recommended for technical diving and underwater technical works.
SANTI Special Operations Diving Suit is made of lightweight Ripstop nylon fabric with a total weight of 535 g/m².
SANTI’s Rescue Immersion Suit is made of four-layered breathable fabric, which weighs 202g/m2 or 278g/m2 and is recommended for all kinds of rescue teams and public safety units.
The SANTI Immersion Suit is ideal for many above-water companies and public safety units in the naval industry.

The heating system meets the requirements of divers who spend many hours underwater.

Ergonomic drysuits for naval operations

The 4.2kg E.LITE drysuit is suitable for technical, cave and wreck diving.

The E.LITE’s fabric protects the most sensitive and exposed areas of the body through its ergonomic shape and with the use of Kevlar patches. It also has specially designed pockets on the thighs and a front zip covered by an additional zip-fastened flap. Its neck seal is made of latex and insulated by 2mm neoprene. It also has a 7mm / 9mm neoprene collar hood.

The drysuit is produced with Ripstop nylon / butylene / polyester material, with a total weight of 535g/m². This material has a modern look, is lightweight and has similar durability levels to Cordura.

The drysuit includes an Apeks inlet and high-profile outlet valve, latex wrist seal, two spacious utility pockets with elastic bungee loops, and a flap with a small pocket for a double ender clip.

Kevlar® knee pads, flexsole boots, and inside suspenders with pockets are available as an addition to the drysuit. The product is also designed to hold a 75cm-long medium-pressure hose and a ‘STAY DRY’ travel bag.

The E.LITE drysuit is available in a standard option with all necessary accessories to facilitate professional diving. Additional options are also available.

Technical diving drysuits for increased comfort

SANTI’s 5.2kg Enduro drysuit is made using Cordura / butylene / polyester with a total weight of 620g/m². The product is produced in black, or a mix of black and red.

The drysuit has flat seams, a front-entry zipper, a telescopic torso, and unique stitching elements. The material is connected and then hand-taped with 4cm tape from the bottom.

Unique, machine-sealed reinforcement tape gives a completely unmistakable bonding effect, which significantly increases comfort and is recommended for technical diving and underwater technical works.

The drysuit features a low-profile outlet Apeks valve, two pockets on the thighs with D-rings, and an insulated latex neck seal. It also features HD wrist seals, 6mm neoprene boots, suspenders, a 7mm / 9mm neoprene collar hood, and a medium-pressure 75cm hose. It also features a STAY DRY water-repellent travel bag.

Adjustable drysuits for comfortable marine deployment

SANTI’s Bunder drysuit is made of double textured polyester fabric with a 480g/m2 density. It is cut in a way that makes it easy to adjust to any body shape and does not restrict movement.

The drysuits come in black and feature a telescoped torso. It has a covered back zip, while it has two pockets with room for a small inflation system.

SANTI’s drysuits include HD wrist seals, and 6mm Neoprene boots. The equipment is also available with a Santi bag.

Special forces diving suits

SANTI’s Special Operations Diving Suit is made of Ripstop nylon / butylene / polyester material, and weighs 535g/m2.

The nylon is a lightweight, flexible fabric, which provides durability and protection, while it is particularly suitable for chest-mounted rebreathers diving.

This drysuit is equipped with all the features you need, including a SANTI Smart Seals System (flexible dry glove system), a relief-covered zipper, telescopic torso, and Molle platforms.

Bespoke immersion and rescue suits for nautical environments

SANTI’s Immersion and Rescue Suits are made of four layers of breathable fabric with a density of 202g/m²-278g/m². They have a built-in hood, reinforced pads, small wrist dump valves, and a relief zipper.

Suits are produced in black, navy, olive green, sand, red, and orange. Other colours are available on request.

The equipment offers Molle platforms, telescopic torsos, and a Santi Smart Seal System.

Clients are able to make modifications and improvements to the diving suits. Every detail can be changed to meet the individual requirements.


SANTI’s history begins with an idea for improvement and crossing the naval boundaries through methodology, design, research and development.

SANTI has achieved success through its dedication and engagement in building diving equipment. Each part of SANTI’s products have a valuable function and are of the highest possible quality standard.

The company’s mission is to support all divers. The SANTI brand guarantees safety for those who want to go further in their diving experience and who seek the best protection and functionality.

Naval personnel worldwide, including the US, Korea, and Australia, benefit from all of SANTI’s diving equipment features, which helps them stay dry and comfortable throughout their diving operations.

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