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Degaussing Systems, Magnetic and Acoustic Sweep System

PO Box 925,
S-191 29 Sollentuna,

PO Box 925,
S-191 29 Sollentuna,

Polyamp AB, Systems Division specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of various mine countermeasure systems for application within the naval industry. Products include the Degaussing System, (DEGS), the Magnetic Sweep Supply System, (MSS 2000) and the Magnetic Design, Prediction and Evaluation Software, SWECADE and Underwater Electric Field Sensors.


Polyamp’s Degaussing Systems (DEGS) are regarded as the most efficient and reliable in the world. A total of 28 DEGS have been delivered to different navies worldwide.

The DEGS design is built-up on fully computerised modules with fault tolerant distributed communication. The MMI is user friendly and the fast ranging process can be remote controlled through a radio link from the range site. The compensation control modes are either by magnetometer (single or multiple) or magnetic map with inputs from gyro, GPS, navigational computer or manual control.

On submarines the DEGS are connected directly to the submarine battery, giving an efficiency of between 80-85%. The loop coil amplifiers are digitally controlled with better than 0.2% accuracy.


  • RSN submarine type RIKEN
  • US NAVY LPD-17 as subcontractor to Raytheon
  • RSwN Corvette VISBY class


The MSS 2000 is a multipurpose minesweep supply generating a computer-controlled current for different kinds of sweeps including coil sweeps, solenoid coils, electrode sweeps and acoustic sweeps.

The MSS 2000 system has many unique features that enable the minesweeper to generate a signature that looks very much like a real ship. This gives a high degree of probability in destroying the influence of sea mines. Features of the MSS 2000 include:

  • Modular design, fully computerised with a user friendly MMI
  • Fully simulating a true three-dimension DC magnetic signature with AC field option
  • The supply generator can serve as a spare AC net generator set when not sweeping


  • RSwN MCMV type Styrsö mine sweep supply system.


SWECADE software was developed to achieve a sufficient low magnetic signature and is constructed with modules for magnetic design, prediction and degaussing evaluation. SWECADE was delivered in a Swedish version to the Swedish Navy RSwN in late 1995 and subsequently, the RSwN has equipped all their sea and land range component stations with SWECADE software. SWECADE is designed to run on a standard PC Pentium system equipped with approximately 32Mb RAM under Windows NT 4.0.

SWECADE, originally the Swedish Computer Aided Degaussing and Evaluation program, consists of two parts:

  • Ship Design – Used to construct, predict and evaluate a degaussing coil system for a single ship ore a series of ships.
  • Sea Ranging Evaluation – Used to measure and evaluate magnetic signatures at a sea range. At this stage the coils entered in Ship Design can be used on a “trial and error” basis to minimise the magnetic signature.


For RSwN

  • Updating for UEP measurements
  • Magnetic component prediction for MCMV design use


Polyamp Electric Field Sensors type PA3001 provide a new alternative to conventional devices, offering a patented carbon fibre sensor with a high performance electronic module. Systems are already in use with the Swedish Navy and other Government Agencies. The major advantages of the Polyamp sensor are its very low system noise and the ability to be rapidly deployed.

  • High sensitivity very low noise sensor and electronics module
  • Operational within 15 minutes in water and fully functional within two hours
  • Chemically inert sensor with high stability, reliability and no maintenance required
  • The carbon fibre sensor is salinity independent
  • Repeatable deployment without degradation of sensor
  • No special storage requirements
  • Measurement Range from 1MHz to over 1KHz

Visby Class Corvettes

The Visby Class of stealth corvettes were built for the Swedish Navy by the Swedish company Kockums (a subsidiary of Thy

SSK Gotland Class (Type A19)

Kockums were awarded the contract in March 1990 to build three Gotland Class submarines, HMS Gotland, Uppland and Hallan

Polyamp AB

PO Box 925

S-191 29 Sollentuna