The powerful and scalable warship electronic chart display and information system (WECDIS) technology takes centre stage when Raytheon Anschütz, a business of Raytheon Technologies, unveils the new Naval ECDIS NX at DSEI 2021.

Visitors to the stand have the exclusive opportunity to experience how Naval ECDIS NX improves situational awareness and provides a stack of tactical tools to optimise mission performance and effectiveness and to support users in optimal naval procedure decision-making. The naval and military WECDIS features follow NATO Standardization Agreement 4564 Edition 3 and include an additional military layer, navigational and tactical overlays and navigation aids for special missions, waterspace management and antisubmarine warfare.

“Mission effectiveness is built on a clear situational picture, from navigation to naval mission,” said Richard Waldron, business development and sales manager for Raytheon Anschütz. “This can be achieved by adding WECDIS capabilities to the bridge, and adding WECDIS capabilities has become fairly easy when using our new architecture.”

Part of a new generation of naval bridge applications, Naval ECDIS NX has a clearly structured display and offers consistent, intuitive operation. It uses a shared, off-the-shelf hardware to ensure flexibility in operation and logistics. On the basis of a widely proven standard application, which is compliant with International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules, various tactical and military features are available to enhance situational awareness and effective naval operation. A precise and managed configuration control maintains all safety approvals.

“This gives our customers two important advantages: first, our applications are standardised, type-approved and continuously kept in strict compliance with new IMO rules. Second, customers always start with basic software and can adapt this as required using individually configurable features. Missions can be optimally served, while the budget can still be kept efficiently,” said Waldron.

Type approvals also include the new Bridge Alert Management Standard according to the IMO resolution IMO.302(87) and related International Electrotechnical Commission standards. “This is something where we are clearly ahead of the competition and offer our customers a reliable path into future,” Waldron said.

The system architecture enables, in addition to Naval ECDIS NX, also the Naval Radar NX application on the same console, offering further improvement in tactical capability and situational awareness.

Naval Radar NX extends the classic IMO navigational radar to another perspective for situation awareness by providing advanced target tracking and management of navigational and tactical targets, alert and guard zone management, calculation of intercept point and features such as station keeping, helicopter guidance and a search and rescue function.

The new applications expand Raytheon Anschütz’s existing bridge systems, which are delivered to the world’s most advanced warship programmes, including UK Royal Navy Type 26 Global Combat Ships and Type 31e frigates.

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