Vard Marine (VARD) has welcomed a new Houston office vice-president (VP) Darren Truelock, who previously held a role as the company’s technical operations manager.

Darren Truelock has started his new position on 2 July.

Former Houston operations VP Bill Lind announced his plans to retire from the company at the end of June.

Mr Lind led the Houston team since 2013 and transformed the Houston branch into a key player in the marine engineering industry in the Gulf Coast and in the US government programs.

He was also instrumental in expanding VARD’s client base and moulding the Houston office into a dynamic and efficient team.

President and CEO of Vard Marine Dave McMillan, said: “Bill has been a tremendous asset since joining the company in 2013 and has used his business knowledge and broad contact base to strengthen the team in Houston and expand our core business through key hires and strategic project successes.

“We wish him well as he enters the more relaxed pace and reduced stress of retirement while occasionally being involved with the company in the future, as needed.”

“Bill’s replacement Darren Truelock was one of Bill’s first hires after joining, and with his experience and drive has been a perfect fit with the company’s strategic goals.

“He has a passion and goal to ensure the company succeeds and with Bill’s guidance has grown into a natural successor for the role as vice-president.”

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