The South of Embley (SoE) Project required the provision of a riverine ferry service during the production phase of the mine development. The ferries were required to fill the following roles: large ROPAX ferry, a smaller utility ferry and a dedicated rescue vessel. Rubicon Associates was contracted to assist in the procurement of these vessels.

The scope:

  • Discussion and analysis of vessels required for the project, specifically surrounding functional performance specifications
  • Conduct a market survey for potential vessel supplier and advise on most suitable vessel
  • Survey existing vessel for potential use in project

The outcome:

Rubicon Associates was able to successfully offer expert knowledge and advice on Marine Craft feasibility and specification for the project.

Our work here included providing comprehensive insight into project-specific vessel requirements by developing a functional performance specification document, identifying appropriate and trusted suppliers to either build or loan the vessels and subsequently assist in gaining tender, and to undertake an in-depth survey on a current vessel and assess its feasibility for use in the project.

Our consultation services allowed the SoE Project to be effectively supported by a suitable ferry network and therefore help in achieving overall success for the project.