The firm has presented and article about underwater measurement and also has met the Japanese Navy.

SAES has participated at the recent MAST Asia 2019 Exhibition in Japan where it presented an article based on MIRS Multi-influence range systems for ship-signature measurement.

The article ‘Multi-Influence measurements: high precision equipment for vessel tracking’ has been received with high interest and the attendees asked for details and characteristics of the system such as the precision of the measurement and the portability of the system.

Furthermore, SAES met to Japanese navy officers who are interested in knowing more about MINEA Smart naval mines and MIRS portable range station. Both systems are based on the same technology and are capable of detecting acoustic, magnetic, seismic and pressure influence.

Naval mines measure these influences in order to detect the specific ship signature of the target. MIRS system provides ship-signature measurement for several needs such us check the own-ship signature or obtaining intelligence.