Seatronics, the lead brand within Acteon’s electronic and tooling segment, has today announced a global distribution agreement with French manufacturer RTSYS for its autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) product lines. Both parties are at Ocean Business 2021 in Southampton, UK, this week to perform a live demonstration of the Comet-300 AUV.

The Comet-300 AUV is designed to cover large underwater areas quickly and with high accuracy by offering precise real-time tracking and positioning and has high-definition sonar imaging capabilities. RTSYS also manufactures an alternative micro-AUV solution named NemoSens, which is a cost-effective, lightweight and modular vehicle offering the same capabilities of live tracking and high repositioning with constant accuracy to less than five metres. Both AUVs will be available through Seatronics global bases along with the RTSYS range of PAM sensors, including underwater recorders, data buoys and remote stations. The PAM range is ideal for the environmental monitoring, research, and installation phases of offshore wind farm development.

“Partnering with such a reputable company is a proud milestone that highlights the growth of RTSYS,” says Pierre-Alexandre Caux, RTSYS business director. “Our PAM and AUV solutions fit perfectly with Seatronics’ global network of customers, so this new relationship is an obvious and natural step. The strong partnership will also bring significant added value for RTSYS’s historical customers that are looking for combined operations using remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and AUVs. Seatronics’ VALOR ROV and the Comet-300 AUV will complement each other in campaigns for scientific mapping; offshore wind farms; inspection, repair and maintenance; search and rescue; and mine countermeasures during the localisation, identification and classification phases.”

Brett Laurenson, sales director for Seatronics, adds, “Over the past couple of years at Seatronics we have decided to diversify our offering while remaining true to our core business. This relationship with RTSYS ties in perfectly with that plan and exposes us to a whole range of new opportunities. We have a long and enviable track record of successfully working with technology companies, so we are very excited to start this new chapter with the team at RTSYS.”

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